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Your Cancer Care Team At Coastal Radiation Oncology Medical Group

When being treated for cancer, there are many specialists involved in a patient’s care. Below is a list of service providers and specialists that a patient will have contact with during the radiation oncology treatment process.

Front Office Staff

The clerical team in the front office will be the first people you will encounter when coming to our office. They are a there to assist you in scheduling your appointments, answering insurance related questions, scheduling outside tests and studies and providing general information.

Radiation Therapists

Radiation therapists work with the radiation oncologist to deliver daily radiation treatments that your doctor has prescribed. Therapists maintain daily treatment records and regularly check the treatment machines to ensure they are working properly.

Radiation Oncology Nurses

The radiation oncology nurse works together with the radiation oncologist and therapists to care for you and your family during your consultation, treatments and follow-up care. The nurse will explain possible side effects and what to expect during your course of therapy.

Medical Physicists

Medical physicists work directly with the radiation oncologist during treatment planning and delivery. They oversee the dosimetrist’s work and help ensure each treatment plan is specifically tailored to each individual patient. Their responsibility includes ensuring the equipment works properly by taking precise measurements of the radiation beam and performing other safety tests.


Dosimetrists develop complex treatment plans that ensure the tumor is receiving adequate doses of radiation while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue. Dosimetrists work closely with the radiation oncologist and the physicist to ensure the best treatment plan is developed for you.

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